Marie-Louise Richards

Saturday 21 April, 3.30–6pm


A workshop investigating the politics, poetics and affects of the unseen. Drawing from her own architectural practice the workshop investigates the invisible as a tool of analysis.

Through discussion, readings and a number of exercises the workshop considers how language regulates or enables, and thereby controls and frames, ways in which we are able to speak and think within the current hegemony of whiteness. The workshop aims to reflect on the participants current practice and help finds terms and concepts that can create new tools of analysis in your own critical practice.

If you would like to book a place on the workshop please email: osa@marabouparken.se

Marie-Louise Richards is an architect. She works as the Assistant Curator of Arkdes and is a lecturer at KTH on the KTH in Tensta programme. Current work explores ‘hyper-visible invisibility’. www.madamearkitekt.com