Liv Bugge, PLAY (2019) Photo: Liv Bugge
Liv Bugge, PLAY (2019) Photo: Liv Bugge

Let the Tail Talk Talk

Liv Bugge in conversation with writer and curator Filipa Ramos
Thursday 17 October, 6pm

Artist Liv Bugge and writer Filipa Ramos will be in conversation in the context of Liv Bugge’s exhibition Let the Tail Talk at Marabouparken, discussing key issues at the core of Bugge’s practice, namely the politics and logics of visibility and invisibility of people, nature and objects alike.

In her dissertation, Bugge connects two magic disappearances: the disappearance of the fossil into the museum structure and into history, and the inmate’s disappearance into the prison structure – away from society. Regardless of such processes, these bodies – the living and the non-living – leave traces and imprints behind. In the prison the walls have damages and inscriptions, cavities resulting from aggressions, carved names of people and places. The fossilised trilobite is an image of stone, a hundreds of millions years old imprint of what was once one of the world’s most common animals.

Let the Tail Talk is Bugge’s first major solo show in Sweden. Bugge is interested in non-verbal communication and tactility, how we communicate through our bodies and allow them to shape our worldview. She was educated at the Academy of Fine Art, Oslo and HISK (Higher Institute for Fine Art) in Belgium. She has undertaken a practical PhD, The Other Wild, finished in 2019 at the Academy of Fine Art, Oslo. Her research seeks to address systems of control and internalised normative structures that harness and govern dualisms like life and non-life, humanness and wildness, by taking conversation and touch as a starting point in the making of artworks.

Lisbon-born Filipa Ramos is a writer and editor based in London, where she works as Editor in Chief of art-agenda. Her writing and research, largely focused on interspecies relationships, has been published in magazines and catalogues worldwide. She curated Animalesque, a large group exhibition on becoming animal-becoming other, at the Bildmuseet Umeå, (Summer 2019) and BALTIC, Gateshead (Winter 2019/20). Together with Lucia Pietroiusti and for the Serpentine Galleries she curates ongoing symposia series The Shape of a Circle in the Mind of a Fish.