Liv Bugge

Liv Bugge (b. 1974) is a Norwegian artist living and working in Oslo. Her work often concerns societal structures within the Scandinavian welfare states, and circles those norms that govern how we act and regard each other and our surrounding world. In her recently finished doctoral thesis at Oslo Art Academy she investigated the relations between bodies and rooms in a Norwegian high security prison, as well as the traces and marks inmates have left inside the prison. In another work she traced the emptying out of the Geological Museum in Oslo – here the museum is considered both as a memory and an evaluating structure. Geology plays a significant role also in an older work in which a group of humans tries to communicate with fossils, remnants of previous life that is now embedded in the rock beneath us. The deeply interwoven relations between human and more-than-human life recurs in a new video piece depicting a group of dogs, which can be seen as human’s expanded family.