Everything-Can-Happen-Parade, “FÖRSTÅ GEMENSKAPENS KAPITAL”, Anna Witt, 2013. Photo: Mikaela Krestesen


Under the heading Marabouparken Lab., we initiate long-term local collaborative projects, which are allowed to develop through interaction between artists, commissioners and locals both in and outside the art gallery. It may be a group of children and an artist who plan a model for a public artwork for their local environment. Or an artist who collaborates with municipal planners and local residents in order to explore how existing green areas should be defined and designed. As the name suggests, Marabouparken Lab., focuses on experimental projects, which are open-ended and explorative, in the borderland between art and education. The idea is to link artists, people, education and public space in order to take advantage of creativity and experience from various sources in an interesting dialogue about how to shape our city.