Revolution Poetry presents Revolution Art

May 6–August 27, 2017

Revolution Poetry is a Stockholm based cultural/art movement and spoken word stage. Since the end of 2009 beginning of 2010 they have been creating a new platform for Spoken Word. That gives spaces for voices of POC (people of colour) which often share and draw inspiration from experiences of living in Stockholm’s suburbs.  Over the past 7 years they have filled small rooms, culture houses and toured Sweden building an important movement for artists and activists who use their voice to contribute to the picture of what Swedish life is like today and what dreams we have to change this for the better.

Their work is built on a fundamental belief in justice, in giving public space to individuals who don’t feel they have space in everyday society. After the spread and success of their work Revolution Poetry are ready to embark on a new phase of working at Marabouparken. During their residency here they will develop a new strand of working called Revolution Art. Revolution Art offers a new avenue for artists and performers to develop cross disciplinary work that does not need to be fixed to a live event. Over the 3 months Revolution Poetry will used their space at Marabouparken as a studio to share their work, hold meetings with artists, and host discussions and workshops. There you can also spend time and find documentation from previous performances and browse a library of books related to post colonial politics.

Revolution Poetry’s residency culminates in a exhibition take over of Marabouparken Konsthall 24-27 August. Over these days Revolution Art will fill the walls of the gallery bringing new work and expressions to Marabouparken. We hope you will join us in this new journey! To find out more or get involved please email

This is the second in Marabouparken’s new research residency’s and is part of the ongoing research project ‘Acts of Self Ruin’ which questions how to build solidarity and equality in an age of individualisation. Their residency also ties to the current exhibition ‘Starting from the Self’ where personal experiences are used to question the society that structures and divides us.

Photo: Cim Ek. (Left to right) Salih Bilic, Nawroz Zakholy, Makda Embaie, Yodit, Girmay, Neftali Cienfuegos, Rojda Sekersöz, S.T.I.C.S.  at Folkoperan 2015.