Open Call 2019

Sebastian Dahlqvist and Helena Fernández-Cavada

Marabouparken konsthall are happy to announce that Sebastian Dahlqvist and Helena Fernández-Cavada have been chosen to produce and subsequently present an exhibition during the autumn of 2019.

Sebastian Dahlqvist and Helena Fernández-Cavada were selected from 87 applicants by Marabouparken’s advisory group, which consists of Elof Hellström, Sharam Khosravi, Marie-Louise Richards and Selam Tadele, together with Rudy Loewe, who was selected in last year’s Open Call.

The project that will be presented at Marabouparken is a collaboration between Sebastian Dahlqvist and Helena Fernández-Cavada who in turn will invite further artists and writers.

Project statement:

During the last decade, we have seen the rise of populist, nationalist, racist and fascist movements and parties around Europe. Which strategies and materials are we to use to not only describe but also counteract these parties and movements? 

By looking into the strategies and ambitions of artist led movements and collectives in Sweden during the 20th century, the project aims to explore the history as well as the potential of political image-making and collective organization within the Swedish field of art.

Mer information om Sebastian Dahlqvists & Helena Fernández-Cavadas utställning kommer under våren och sommaren.

Sebastian Dahlqvist is an artist and curator based in Malmö and Stockholm. His artistic practice often involves collaborations and engages with questions related to collective memory, ways of reading and writing history and the production of social and political relations to space.

Helena Fernández-Cavada is a visual artist currently based in Malmö, Sweden. She draws every day in order to pose questions and spend time with them – a process which Hannah Arendt called ‘understanding’. This process ranges from the questioning of established relationships to emerging contradictions as an attitude to life.