Listen to a guided tour in English, Tigrinya, Persian or Finnish with our audio guides when ever suits you!

We offer guided tours of the exhibitions at 2pm, held on the first Sunday of each month, with some exceptions. The tour is held in Swedish.

Companies, groups and individuals can book tours of the park and/or the exhibitions. The prices listed below are for tours held during regular opening hours and for groups of no more than 25 people. After our regular opening hours 1000 SEK  per hour will be added to the price.

The tours last approximately 45 minutes.
The price always includes entrance fee to the gallery.

Thematic Tour
: 2000 SEK (2120 inc VAT)
Either the sculpture park or the current exhibition

Combination Tour: 2000 SEK (2650 inc VAT)
The sculpture park and the current exhibition.

For additional information or booking, please email or call:  +46 (0)8-29 45 90
Please specify when booking if the tour should be held in English.

Guided tours for schools (40-60 min)

Reduced price for schools in Sundbyberg  500 SEK. All other schools 800 SEK  (incl.VAT)

For information and booking, please contact Fredrik Bergström

tel: +46 (0)8-29 45 90

Workshop approx. 90 min

The anarchist sketch school

Let put an end to the myth that a good drawer is equal to one person who can make naturalistic sketches. Together we explore various drawing materials and experiments.

We teach you fun and clever drawing tricks and try different drawing techniques.

Sculpture gymnastics

A fun way to approach the sculptures in Marabouparken!

In this workshop, the participants get to draw and create narratives that focus on the movements and poses of the sculpture in the sculpture park. The workshop ends with a physical enactment of these choreographies and movements, outdoors!

Price: 2500 SEK

For questions and bookings,  please contact Fredrik Bergström
tel: +46 (0)8-29 45 90