3 x Performance

3 x Performance

Saturday 4 May, 6–8pm

My Lindh
You Are Here Now [Du är här nu]

15 min

A reading and a performance that takes place in the relation between three subjects: a text, an I, whom has written the text and the you, whom is reading the text.

Alternately the text addresses the You, in a figuration of the work’s extension in the time-space, and alternately it takes shape as an inner monologue through personal account of the doubts, hopes and efforts in shaping the work of the I.

The questions of the performance spans across subjects of play, power, responsibility, position, presence, materiality, resistance and crisis.

Ami Kohara

ca 15 min

With rhythm, a swimmer controls its own body. Sometimes beyond it, the rhythm lifts the swimmer together with the stream of the water. What forms a swimmer’s mindset?

In the performance Lambrusco, it moves in different rhythms reflecting internal and external forces that lead it to take control.

Shiraz Amar
Breath of The Wild

Ca 40 minutes

Breath of The Wild is a contemporary dance beast, which invites the spectators on a journey of transformation.

Through popular culture, abstraction and comedy the piece plays with the spectators’ perception of objects and challenges ideas around representation and dancing bodies.

Concept: Shiraz Amar
With and by: Morgane Nicol, Love Andersson, and Shiraz Amar.
In collaboration with: Yari Stilo, Aurore d’Audiffret, Hannah Krebs, Miranda Wallmon and Alexander Talts.
Music: C+C Music factory ft. Freedom Williams, Bee Gees, Calvin Harris & Disciples
A special thanks to Björn Säfsten for mentoring this project.