AND Publishing Boxing

AND Publishing

Boxing classes
11 June, 6–8 pm
13 June, 6–8 pm
15 June, 6–8 pm
18 June, 6–8 pm
20 June, 6–8 pm

AND publishing will host two weeks of boxing training for women, girls, trans and non-binary people. We want to learn more about non-verbal negotiation, care, anger, dialogue, transgressions and defence. We hope that training together will teach us to relateand help us find a new language to talk about the many conflicts and contradictions we need to negotiate.

The boxing classes are free and for all abilities, ages (16+), shapes and religions. You dont have to be fit or strong or cool to take part. Boxing gloves and other equipment will be provided.

To book a place, ask more questions or alert us to specific needs, contact Jenny: jenny.richards@marabouparken.se

The boxing training will take place at Project Playground in Hallonbergen http://www.project-playground.org

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and ABF Norra Stockholms län

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