Artist Meets Artist 1

Artist Meets Artist

A conversation between this spring’s exhibitors at Marabouparken Konsthall; Lisa Torell, Marika Troili och Mapping The Unjust City/Vem äger staden? with its starting point in the different practices and their working methods.

Wednesday 13 February, 6–7pm
The conversation will be held in Swedish 

Lisa Torell’s exhibition The Pavement, A Masterpiece. scrutinises components of the welfare state. The works reveal how care and attention, indifference and neglect are manifested materially in and through our urban and public spaces. In Waterside Recreation Marika Troili presents new work taking foundation in the Bällsta Stream. The exhibitions touches upon questions of the relationship between recreation and productivity, between planned environments and spontaneous chains of events. In Marabouparken’s Guestroom the research collective Mapping The Unjust City/Vem äger staden? will reside during the spring. The project focuses on mapping, counter-narratives and the visualisation of ownership in relation to the built environment. By exploring hidden layers of the city, such as financial flows and the relationship between public and private, they spark conversations about whom the city is for and what it could become.

The conversation will be moderated by Lisa Torell and is the first event during the spring, which takes further the parallel programme that Lisa Torell begun with the project and the book Place to Place, 9 artists reflection about site-specificity and place-related processes (2016) where she enters into dialogue with other artists about practice and method.

Lisa Torell – The Pavement, a Masterpiece.
Marika Troili – Waterside Recreation
Mapping the Unjust City / Vem äger staden?