Release Civilisation & Provocation

Release Civilisation & Provocation – The Ultimate Krabstadt Fanbook by Jeuno Je Kim and Ewa Einhorn

July 16 at 2pm at Marabouparken

On Saturday 16th of July Förlaget presents their new title Civilisation & Provocation -The Ultimate Krabstadt Fanbook by Jeuno Je Kim and Ewa Einhorn. Come and meet the authors and the people behind Förlaget, get a signed copy, watch a movie, listen to curator Johanne Løgstrup and join the discussion.

Krabstadt is a town in the Arctic where all the Nordic countries send their Unwanteds. Since 2013 Krabstadt is also a popular reality TV show for people all over the world to watch and laugh at Nordic rejects thrashing through gnarly post-social democratic realities. Now available in a book form! Get a free exclusive peep behind the scenes. What really happened during the making of the show? Meet the authentic characters from your favourite Krabstadt episodes and find out the truth behind this Nordic miracle!

Read the stories of the unflappably long-term unemployed, the tenacious immigrants and those with too many overdue bills who are flirting with minor to mid-level criminal records. The main characters, SchlopSchlop and KK are two annoying yet funny women. The revolving narrative centers on the exploits of SchlopSchlop and KK and their dealings with peculiar co-workers, bosses, clients, tourists and the town’s residents. SchlopSchlop is a lazy smart-ass, while KK is a workaholic fueled by a potent sense of Lutheran guilt. As colleagues, the two are often in conflict with each other, unless united against their vulgar boss-from-hell named IT. Krabstadt is a haven for annoying, funny, strong and diverse female characters with quirky side kicks.

& provocation is a book series that scrutinizes the use of provocation as an aesthetic during the 21th century. Civilisation & Provocation – The Ultimate Krabstadt Fanbook is the second volume in our series, following Heresy & provocation by Tero Nauha (FI) which went deep into the world of provocative performance art.


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