15 September 2017–3 December 2017

Bridge Radio

Sound is a vibration. Sound is something intangible. For sound to come there has to be a movement a force. Sound moves in waves, sound-waves. Sound can cross walls, ceilings, seas and territories. Sound can cross borders; it is border-crossing. But, there are some walls that are made of strong, sound-proof material that sound cannot pass through, for example prison walls.The voice is a sound coming from a body. Radio is a form of communication carried through sound. We make radio. Through radio we can collaborate on making border-crossing soundsThe Bridge Radio

Welcome to Bridge Radio’s research residency at Marabouparken – a programme strand in which we collaborate with projects and collectives to support their work and develop new strands of practice. During the Autumn Bridge Radio will be working on radio production workshops and a series of broadcasts from Stockholm.

The Bridge Radio is an independent radio project created by people with and without citizenship, who produce radio about migration, asylum and people’s movements. The radio strives to support self-organisation among people who live without citizenship and to create a wide group of reporters. While staying critical towards the dominant discourse on asylum and migration the Bridge Radio aims to share information around the current developments related to asylum and migration, striving to spread the stories of those who have experienced migration and their struggle for the freedom of movement.

The Bridge Radio started in 2015 as a protest against the repressive migration regime in EU. Today, border and migration issues are visible in the public debate, but it is rarely presented from the perspective of those taking the journey or experiencing the asylum system themselves. The Bridge Radio find it essential to never stay silent about what is happening on the EUs’ borders and in places of detention. It is only by raising our voices, that change can happen.

Listen to The Bridge Radio’s LIVE Programme broadcast from Marabouparken (October 15, 2017), tune in and catch up to their important discussion on Deportation Resistance with interviews from Ung I Sverige and Copenhagen activists.