Brown Island & Collective Creativity

Brown Island & Collective Creativity

12 October 6–8pm

In connection to Rudy Loewe’s exhibition Sharing Knowledges we invite you to a discussion between the collectives Brown Island (Stockholm) and Collective Creativity (London). We will be discussing self organising, working inside and outside of institutions and how we navigate this process as artists and activists.

The conversation is in English. Listen to a recording below.
In collaboration with ABF.

Brown Island is a student group of people of colour organising at Konstfack. Brown Island is made up of artists from the various departments. The need for a group of artists of colour at Konstfack is apparent when stepping into the Konstfack’s exhibition space the white room (Vita Havet). Most of the culture and art institutions in Sweden are homogenous and give little space and room for stories and art of people of colour. Brown Island is resistance towards the white heteronormative environment, creating a space curated by and for people of colour.


Collective Creativity is a Queer, Trans* Intersex People of Colour artist collective in London aiming to create radical, grass roots space to interrogate the politics of art, in relation to queer identity, institutional racism and anti-colonialism. Collective Creativity is dedicated to challenging white supremacy within a cultural framework; concerned with decolonising our art educations, unlearning histories that replicate the colonial gaze and re-format our own art educations, while re-positioning this canon by re-centring artists and cultural producers of colour.