Bus Tour Through the History of Political Imagery

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Bus Tour Through the History of Political Imagery

17 November, 11.30am–2.30pm

As part of the exhibition Inhale, exhale, resume, a guided tour will be conducted between places in the city that have been crucial to the collectives and movements that the exhibition explores. The tour uses and activates the map available in the exhibition room. Through it, historical layers that otherwise remain hidden unfold at the same time as the city’s many transformations become visible. Artists Sebastian Dahlqvist and Helena Fernandez-Cavada will talk about artist-run movements initiated in Stockholm in 1938–1955 as reactions to the inaccessible position of art in society, a growing fascism and the acceleration of global capitalism.

A tour bus will depart from Marabouparken konsthall at 11.30 am on 17 November. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours. Conversations and readings will alter between English and Swedish. Free of charge. Sign up with isabella.tjader@marabouparken.se.

Sebastian Dahlqvist och Helena Fernández-Cavada
Inhale, exhale, resume
10 oktober–24 november 2019