• Cristina Caprioli, partial haze. Photo: Thomas Zamolo
    Cristina Caprioli, partial haze. Photo: Thomas Zamolo
14 March 2021

Cristina Caprioli – partial haze

Program during Centauring

On Sunday 14 March the public program in connection with in Marie Fahlin’s exhibition Centauring begins with Cristina Caprioli’s partial haze. From 2 pm an array of choreographic interventions will take place in the exhibition.

partial haze is a durational performance, visitors can come ande go as they like. Please note that number of visitors in the gallery is restricted in order to prevent crowding. We ask for your patience in case there is a need to wait outside the gallery.

partial haze
Dancers: Julia Sundberg, Cilla Olsen, Oskar Landström, Morgan Nicol, Sophie Augot, Philip Berlin and Louise Dahl

Choreography: Cristina Caprioli

Thin traces above spin a suspended haze, under which uncertain figures quietly move.

You lift your gaze and travel to and from. As if a clear morning, you pause for a moment and trust the outer-space. This haze is an illusion, a tone that vibrates a make-believe view.

A first (flat) haze was performed in the fall 2019 in the context of PASSHALL in the Hall in Farsta. In the summer of 2020 it should have been installed in a site specific format at Wanås Sculpture Park but got cancelled due to the pandemic.

Now, this haze spreads itself amongst the many, whilst performing a suspended background.

Cristina Caprioli is born and raised in Italy, dancing in Germany and the US, since the mid-80’s resident in Stockholm, where she in the 90’s funded CCAP, to this day the base of all her work. Cristina works with choreography in various forms and formats, from stage performances, installation and exhibitions to films, festivals and publications. All of her work is a long-term project, running parallel to a national and international touring and teaching. Cristina is Professor of Choreography and has been awarded many grants and prices.