• Photo: Masha Taavoniku
    Photo: Masha Taavoniku
25 April 2021

Cristina Caprioli – always sometimes (part one, one towel)

Sunday 25 April, 2pm–4pm
always sometimes  (part one, one towel)     

From 2pm the performance always sometimes (part one, one towel) will take place as a durational part of the exhibition. Visitors can come and go as they like  and are encouraged to move around freely in the space. Please note that number of visitors in the gallery is restricted in order to prevent crowding. We ask for your patience in case there is a need to wait outside the gallery.

One towel flipping and folding and dwelling into Marie Fahlin’s exposition Centauring.

By Cristina Caprioli with Annika Hyvärinen, Sophie Augot, Oskar Landström and Morgane Nicol. Musical background Asher Tuil and a Finnish jingle.

ccap is a non-profit organization for production and distribution of choreography under the leadership of Cristina Caprioli. ccap works with transdisciplinary art projects and social activities through performances, installations, publications, workshops etc.

Cristina Caprioli is since the mid-80’s a resident of Stockholm, where she in the 90’s funded CCAP, to this day the base of all her work. Cristina works with choreography in various forms and formats, from stage performances, installation and exhibitions to films, festivals and publications. All of her work is a long-term project, running parallel to a national and international touring and teaching.