Lecture by Magnus Haglund


Lecture by Magnus Haglund
Wednesday, November 12 at 6 pm

Magnus Haglund lectures on notations from early composers such as Christian Wolff to modern musicians like Christian Marclay, related to a wider contemporary context. Why does Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari’s philosophical classic Mille Plateaux begin with a notation of Sylvano Bussotti? In what way does the graffiti culture affect our way of reading graphic notations? Who has the power over music?

After the lecture The Great Learning Orchestra will perform compositions from their exhibition a4 rum.

The lecture will be in English and is included in the admission 50 kr.


Magnus Haglund is based in Gothenburg. He has written the books Den nakna staden, Åke Hodell and Musikens frihet och begränsning and is continuously working as an art critic for the newspaper Göteborgsposten. Along with Isak Eldh he runs the conceptual pop project The Marble Fauns.