28 January 2017–23 April 2017

Filmform @ Marabouparken

Gunvor Nelson, Time Being, 1991

Marabouparken launch a new series of research residencies this Spring in which a number of collectives, archives and organisations are offered space in the top-level gallery to develop their work and publicly present new strands of research.

To launch this new series we will collaborate with Filmform – the Art Film and Video Archive, based in Stockholm. For 3 months we will work together to build a specific collection of films made by and about women. During this time it will be possible to access and investigate parts of Filmform’s collection and learn more about the organisation’s history and evolvement. The residency offers a moment of reflection for Filmform who are currently undergoing shifts in how they deal with archiving their collection and ways to present it to the public in a new website. This moment of transformation allows questions to be asked about how an archive evolves? Particularly when film equipment, materials and processes have drastically changed? How do we categorise or collect films that deal with women’s experience and feminism with an intersectional perspective? And when categories of gender have been radically eroded? A series of public screenings with artists and other film archives will open up a discussion that seeks to inform these questions and Filmform’s ongoing development.

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Filmform was established in 1950 and is the only organisation of its kind in Sweden. It is dedicated to the preservation, promotion and Worldwide distribution of Swedish experimental film and video art. As well as a distribution agency Filmform often en-gages as an advisor to museums, galleries, universities and festivals. The collection still acquires work each year and spans from the 1920s to today largely focused on works by Swedish artists but also includes a selection of works from all Nordic countries.