Finissage 28 April!

Welcome to the last day of Marabouparken’s current exhibitions. The day offers a number of exiting activities that will both round off the period that has passed and look forward to coming times.

The Monster Club costs 50 kr/participating child, otherwise it’s free entrance!
The art gallery is open between 12-5 pm.


1–4pm (drop-in) The Monster Club
Frottage with arts educator Fanny Listherby. We explore how to make rubbed images of things we can see and find in our every day lives! For children 6 years and up.
More info: http://marabouparken.se/monsterklubben/

2-3pm Guided tour of the sculpture park
Guided tour of the sculpture park: From classicism to cubism
The sculpture collection of Marabouparken consists of 16 sculptures by Swedish and foreign artists, made between 480 BC and 1973. In the park classical greek sculpture live side by side with both abstract sculpture and ones representing various styles such as naturalism, concrete art and cubism. Head of Education Fredrik Bergström guides you through Marabouparken’s sculpture collection and history.

3–4pm Artist Meets Artist 3
The third and final installment of Lisa Torell’s series Artist meets artist takes place along with a performative dismantling of her exhibition The Pavement, A Masterpiece. Together with the audience and in dialogue with Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, Torell moves through the exhibition while she talks about the works that are mounted down. Thoughts about the work methodically unfold to display the knowledge that the exhibition has generated.

please note that it is only possible to view the exhibition The Pavement, A Masterpiece. in full until 4pm this day

4–5pm Conversation with Elena Lundqvist Ortíz
A conversation with Elena Lundqvist Ortíz, curator and researcher, about hydrofeminism and watery bodies and worlds in relation to Marika Troili’s exhibition Vattennära rekreation. Lundqvist Ortíz will speak about hydrofeminism in the wake of global ecological crisis and the transatlantic slave trade, and how this wake perpetually conditions which lives matter and how. The talk is in English.

Artist Meets Artist 3: take-down, with Lisa Torell and Johanna Gustafsson Fürst
Hydrofeminism in the wake of the climate crisis, conversation with Elena Lundqvist Ortìz
Spring premiere for the guided park tours, with pedagogue Fredrik Bergström
Monsterklubben Frottage with Fanny Listherby