11 April 2021

Frédéric Gies, Rebecca Chentinell & Marie Fahlin

The public program in connection to Marie Fahlin’s exhibition Centauring continues on Sunday 11 April at 2pm with choreographies by Frédéric Gies, Rebecca Chentinell and Marie Fahlin.

(Black) Ribbon Dance, Thread and Cicatrix Textus will be presented as a durational part of the exhibition. Please note that the number of tickets is limited! Book yours at Billetto.

Before 2pm it is possible to visit the exhibition without a ticket.

Photo: Thomas Zamolo

Frédéric Gies – (Black) Ribbon Dance
(Black) Ribbon Danceis a new version of the piece Ribbon Dance, created in 2015. Ribbon Dance makes manifest the drives and forces that set off bodies or things in movement and the movements’ potential to self-generate, like a motor activated by its own energy. Dancing to the beats of a techno set by Fiedel, Frédéric Gies surrenders sensually and joyfully to these currents and forces and to the ways the ribbon they handle changes the texture of their body. In this new version, the ribbon becomes the softest whip of them all.
Dance: Frédéric Gies DJ: Fiedel

Photo: Nadja Voorham

Rebecca Chentinell – Thread
Thread is an adaptation and rewriting of an earlier work from 2013, A thread between heaven and earth[En sträng mellan himmel och jord], which emerged from an exploration of co-choreographing and dissolution of authorship, between two choreographers tied to different dimensions, one to the earthly and one to the other- worldly. Thread weaves in another voice and intertwines three wits and languages in the choreographic research of essence, authenticity and lineage. In Thread, an individual body appears as both form and background for the speculation and imprint of the writing of movement.
Choreography: Rebecca Chentinell in close collaboration with Félicia Atkinson and Per Jonsson

Marie Fahlin – Cicatrix textus
A performative writing for writing’s own sake (asemic writing), where the dance of the hand takes precedence over the meaning creating text and the asemic, in turn, informs the eye-hand.
Choreography/ing: Marie Fahlin
Performer: Maria Öhman