Sunday 22 April
Fylkingen at Spring Clean: Stitches by Leo Correia de Verdier / Zipper Conversation by Marie Gavois and Michel Klöfkorn
Curated by Sarah Kim, producer at Fylkingen

In collaboration with Marabouparken two performances will be presented, Stitches by Leo Correia de Verdier and Zipper Conversation by Marie Gavois and Michel Klöfkorn.

Both works feature tools often found in the home, used to bind cloth, yet here they become instruments for sounds that unravel a slew of associations which point to the intersection of materiality and personal reasonance. We cannot escape the universality of domestic daily sounds that surround us and that we ourselves reproduce. These performances remind us of the continual feedback that we are all stuck within, which is both a terror and a comfort.

Marie Gavois and Leo Correia de Verdier are both members of the artist-driven association Fylkingen.

Leo Correia de Verdier
30 minutes

Since it was invented in the late 18th century, the sewing machine has become one of the world’s most popular musical instruments. Every day, millions of people make music with their sewing machines, but few have taken their musicianship to a professional level and presented it to an audience, perhaps due to the low status of the instrument.

Leo Correia de Verdier is one of the world’s foremost sewing machine players, trained at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Using modern technology, computers and sequencers she has developed sewing machine music in new directions, taking it to a whole new level.

Leo plays a Brother LS-2125, a traditional electric sewing machine with a rather powerful and clattery sound otherwise associated with heavier machines. Her music is highly structured, with shifting rhythmic patterns and a sound world rich in detail.

Photo: Anna Kudas

Marie Gavois and Michel Klöfkorn
Zipper Conversation
30 minutes

Zipper Conversation is a music and spoken word performance with the intention to tell serious, amusing and troubling stories through the Zipper. Two performers are guiding the audience across the history of personal Zipper realities, playing live on 69 meters of industrial Zip.

Marie Gavois is a multimedia artist based in Stockholm. Her latest acute research is on NOISE-DANCE. Her practice materialises issues of economic power and social policy in forms of performing arts, writing and music. She is a member of the sound art duo Sisterloops. She was the president of Fylkingen – new music and intermedia art 2015–2018.

Michel Klöfkorn is a Frankfurt based artist. He has a background in animation and experimental film focused on music and sound. He was invited to film retrospectives at B3 biennale/ Frankfurt, MuseumTinguely/ Basel and Cinema Nova/ Bruxelles. He recenly started to de-weave pictures. www.michelkorn.com

Fylkingen is a legendary artist-run venue and association presenting new experimental music and art. Founded in 1933 in Stockholm, Flykingen has supported and presented a wide array of the most prominent composers, musicians and artists in the field of radical electronic contemporary music, performing arts and multimedia. Fylkingen celebrates its 85th anniversary this year, making it the worlds oldest forum of its kind.