Catti Brandelius Förortsindianen 2012. Fotograf: Maja Borg.

Catti Brandelius Förortsindianen 2012. Fotograf: Maja Borg.

7/9—25/11 2012


Pawel Althamer, Kerstin Bergendal, Catti Brandelius, Anna Högberg & Johan Tirén, Kateřina Šedá, Anna WitInauguration: 7 September at Marabouparken konsthall Press preview: 11 am-1 pm 7 September Opening: 6-8 pm September 7 Exhibition period: 8 September–25 November 2012

Participating artists: Pawel Althamer, Kerstin Bergendal, Catti Brandelius, Anna Högberg & Johan Tirén, Kateřina Šedá and Anna Witt

The word hembyggd (home made) can express initiative, creative joy and authenticity. Hembygd (homeland) on the other hand refers to the area that surrounds one’s home and the environment and the people we come from, identify ourselves with and are formed by. In the exhibition title the words are combined into Hembyg(g)d, in an attempt to pinpoint the element of home- madeness that a hembygd often is and our possibility to participate in and contribute to the physical and social environment in which we live and work. The exhibition Hembyg(g)d presents seven artists whose works create connections between human relations, the physical environment and society at large, by examining, discussing, documenting and forming the environments and contexts in which we live.

A central work in the exhibition is artist Kerstin Bergendal’s presentation of the Sundbyberg-based art project PARK LEK. For some eight months Bergendal has explored Hallonbergen and Ör on foot, equipped with her backpack and her video camera. By talking to residents, local actors, civil servants, building contractors and politicians, she has gradually built up a unique urban development project – PARK LEK. The discussions have resulted in approximately 45 short films that together constitute the artist’s portrait of both districts. The films will be screened in the exhibition in a specially – designed living room furnished with objects borrowed from the residents. The films will also be available on the project’s homepage www.parklek.com. In addition, a model with a proposal for the reorganisation of Hallonbergen and Ör that the 146 participants in PARK LEK have worked on will be displayed.

Polish artist Pawel Althamer’s work stems from a desire to make common cause with his neighbours in pursuit of the metaphysical side of life. In the project Common Task, Althamer and his neighbours from Bròdno outside Warsaw travel around in gold space suits in an attempt to observe their own and others’ lives through the eyes of aliens. Since 2010 the Czech artist Kateřina Šedá has collaborated with the residents of the small Czech village of Nošovice whose character and community has been destroyed by the gigantic Hyundai factory that opened in the middle of the village. In her installation That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles, which includes tables and tablecloths, she shows how she and the villagers paint and embroider a new identity around the perimeter of the factory that their village has been reduced to.

The German artist Anna Witt turns the so-called “privilege to formulate the problem” on its head in her Battle Rap. She invited a number of ethnologists from Munich who research “ghetto language” and “gangster rap” to present their reports in a “rap battle” with the rappers who were the subject of the research. The Stockholm housing estate Bredäng with its residential blocks, underground station, footpaths and football pitch is often the location in artist and musician Catti Brandelius’ films. It is also here that her most famous artist alias, “Miss Universe”, spends her days being waited on by her many slaves. In her latest film we encounter a woman, who, by reacting to her own fear, is transformed into Förortsindianen (the Estate Indian) – the protector of the female residents of Bredäng.

Sometimes artistic work occurs on an abstract level, as in the earlier work of Anna Högberg and Johan Tirén where they collaborated with civil servants at the office of Regional Growth, Environment and Planning in order to try to find new approaches for strategic and visionary planning for the development of the Stockholm region for the next 30 years. For the Hembyg(g)d exhibition they have created an outlook tower with the ambiguous title Point of View. As a sculpture it embodies an important aspect of several of the participating artists’ work; the ability of art to put into perspective peoples’ position in the social structure.

The exhibition Hembyg(g)d is co-produced by Marabouparken konsthall and PARK LEK with support from the Municipality of Sundbyberg, Fastighets AB Förvaltaren and the Czech Centre Stockholm. The exhibition is curated by Helena Selder of Marabouparken. The PARK LEK project has received additional support from the National Public Art Council’s research assignment, “Samverkan om gestaltning av offentliga miljöer” (Collaboration on the Creation of Public Environments) in collaboration with the Swedish National Heritage Board, the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning and the Swedish Museum of Architecture.

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