7 October 2023–28 January 2024 Se program

herein between spaces

Duane Michals, Now Becoming Then, 1978. Gelatin silver print, ink. Courtesy of Moderna Museet, Stockholm. Donation 1978 från konstnären.

Karl Holmqvist, Linnea Lindberg, My Lindh, Lotta Lotass, Duane Michals, Lina Nordenström, Carl-Erik Ström, Lisa Tan and Peter Thörneby

This fall’s group exhibition at Marbouparken konsthall takes its outset in the meeting between text and image. Text and image have throughout art history coexisted in many different forms and contexts. This exhibition focuses on art works which through their artistic method open up for a fruitful uncertainty and ambiguity, works that force us to read them simultaneously through different languages or with a double gaze. The exhibition includes works by artists active within different artistic practices and will follow a few paths through this wide field.

Image and text make out two different kinds of readings or spaces within the work, close to each other, sometimes contradicting each other, but always creating a kind of rupture or gap which can’t be completely overbridged. A poetic disconnection in which the artwork is oscillating in an in-between space. This space between the spaces is a place for redefinition and negotiation where new understandings and readings can emerge.

In the 1970s the American photographer Duane Michals and Finnish Carl-Erik Ström created photographic sequences where they added handwritten text to the image. In Michals work, the text creates the narrative while in Ströms the text often contradicts the image.

Another thread in the exhibition approaches  concrete poetry. Lina Nordenström works mainly with different printmaking techniques and artist books. The artist and poet Karl Holmqvist participates with a film which relies on the recited poetic text and the artist’s voice.

Peter Thörneby, Italics, 2012, engraved Corian. Photo: Peder Björkegren
Peter Thörneby, Italics, 2012, engraved Corian. Photo: Peder Björkegren
My Lindh, Det finns tid, 2023. Foto: Jean-Baptiste Béranger
My Lindh, Det finns tid, 2023. Foto: Jean-Baptiste Béranger
Karl Holmqvist, Smokey, 1995
Karl Holmqvist, Smokey, 1995
Lotta Lotass, Redwood, 2008-2009

In a poetic and associative manner, the writer Lotta Lotass situates text and image against each other in two video works. She also participates with a text-based object in object form, as does poet Peter Thörneby. In Lisa Tan’s artworks, linguistic, cultural, and political structures are made visible. Linnea Lindberg participates with a trisected slide projection regarding time. She includes her own poetic text and images through a collage. My Lindh Produces three new text pieces for the exhibition, an installation, a sculpture and an interactive one.

The exhibition does not have the ambition to write a comprehensive history on text in art, but rather exhibit artists that in interesting and differing ways work with text through their art.

The exhibition features existing as well as new works of printmaking, sculptural pieces, installation, video, and photography. It will also be accompanied by a program and a book with contributions from the artists, images from the exhibition and more.

Linnea Lindberg, Stor tystnad, 2023. Foto: Jean-Baptiste Béranger
Linnea Lindberg, Stor tystnad, 2023. Foto: Jean-Baptiste Béranger
Lisa Tan, The Basque Language in the Dictionary (2021), The English Language in the Dictionary (2021). Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger.
Lina Nordström, installationsfoto: Jean-Baptiste Béranger
Carl-Erik Ström, Starka vibrationer. / Strong Vibrations., 1979. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger


Publisher presentation: Rojal Förlag
Publisher presentation: Timglaset Editions
Poetry in the library
Performance & bookrelease

7/10 12noon–4pm
At 1pm the curators Helena Holmberg and Erik Sandberg will give a welcome speech and a short introduction to the exhibition. Free admission.

Poetry in the library with Peter Thörneby and invited guests

Performance by Lina Nordenström & Sten Sandell

Performance by Lisa Tan & My Lindh
20/1 2024