Jakob Kolding Pattern Recognition

Jakob Kolding
Pattern Recognition
16 November–28 January

In the lovingly crafted collages by Jakob Kolding, the artist mixes his trademark visual vocabulary of modernist art and architecture, sociology phrases and characters from electronic music, comics and football. All these things seem to have overlapped in Koldings own upbringing in a suburb of Copenhagen and now form the ingredients of an ongoing work in progress. Kolding approaches the question of what happens when we let architecture structure our lives from a multitude of different angles. An idiosyncratic “Koldingesque” cityscape arises out of the mix, where one senses the artist’s own fascination and scepticism with the modernist utopias. In this urban space, art and architecture are often invaded, by people and phenomena that weren’t at all planned to exist there. One such figure is the skater who takes liberties with for example a minimalist sculpture by using it as a skateboard ramp.

In his collages he uncovers underlying ideas and attitudes behind our built environments and makes unexpected connections between popular culture and architecture in an effortless fusion of aesthetics and politics. In spite of his misgivings about settled life in the suburbs as envisioned by city planners, the artist betrays a clear preference for the spare design ideals of 60’s and 70’s architecture. A taste that recurs in the artist’s interest in the formal analogies between the repetitious beats of electronic music, modernist architecture and the paired down aesthetics of minimalist sculpture

The title of the exhibition Pattern Recognition refers to the process by which machines can find patterns in unclassified or randomly arranged information. The expression serves as a loosely held frame both for the works in the show and for the working method of the artist. Pattern Recognition spans 10 years of Jakob Kolding’s work. Audiences will find examples of most aspects of his art practice. There will be drawings from 1996, old and new collages, a documentation of public art projects, an improvised sculpture and examples of the artists sleeve design for the pop group St Etienne. Parts of the exhibition will be presented at OVERGADEN – Institute for Contemporary Art in Copenhagen in the spring of 2007.

About Jakob Kolding
Jakob Kolding was born in Albertslund, Denmark in 1971. He studied sociology at Roskilde University and later went on to study art at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He currently lives and works in Berlin. Jakob Kolding exhibited in the group show Organising Freedom at the Modern Museum in Stockholm in 2000 and had a IASPIS residency in Stockholm Winter/Autumn 2005-2006. Selected exhibitions from 2006 include a solo-show at Team Gallery in New York, the Busan Biennale, South Korea and a public art project for the dutch public art agency SKOR in Amsterdam.