Klinik – workshop for artists


A workshop for artists with Felice Hapetzeder

Time: 16/9 10 am-6 pm
Place: Marabouparken Art Gallery
To attend: Please e-mail osa@marabouparken.se

The theme of workshop is to explore artist’s relationship to censorship and its related mechanisms. The workshop is based on the experience and work of the those participating in the workshop. To what extent are we affected by different types of censorship and self-censorship and how can we protect ourselves?

Klinik is a project developed and created by the artist group Local A. (Felice Hapetzeder and Jenny Berntsson) for artists in different phases of working life who want to reflect on their work and engage in exchange and debate with other artists. The safety of Klinik is created by its privacy. There is no public outcome or exposure of what is discussed within the clinic.

Klinik has been held at Konstfack Alumni, Iaspis, Lilith Performance Studio and Gothenburg Art Hall.

In 2016, Hapetzeder attended the Children’s and Youth Art Biennial in Istanbul. During the opening of the biennale, some of the works in the biennial were censored by the municipal council. Discussions on how to respond and act in this situation; how artistic integrity is influenced and compromised; how artists’ personal and professional safety is protected; how artistic freedom is claimed; are some of the debates that have arisen from the situation.

Back in Sweden, Hapetzeder was faced with a form of corporate censorship when a staff member of a management company questioned a child’s right to express himself artistically during one of Hapetzer’s workshops on Markusplatsen outside Dieselverkstan when what appeared to be a pub-lic place proved to be a private area. The incident at the Markusplatsen made clear what happens when power over decision making that affect creative expressions and participation in society are left to judicious actors.

To continue to study and deepen the discussion, Hapetzeder conducted the pilot project, Practice Based Clinic Against Censorship, supported by the Swedish Institute in 2016 at Maraboparken Konsthall 24-28 October with the Swedish and Turkish artists Fikret Atay, Belit Sag, Secil Yaylali, Johanna Gustavsson and Felice Hapetzeder. Siyat Bant (Black Band), an organization that reports and investigates censored art in Turkey, was also involved during the work. The project resulted in a publication in solidarity with the author Aslı Erdogan 2017.

Supported by IASPIS