A Little Cheaper, A Little Worse, by students on the Political Performing Arts course at Långholmens Folkhögskola/Teater Tribunalen

During the course of the week students will work at Marabouparken with Samuel Skoglund around PotatoPotato’s performing arts’ concept  A Little Cheaper, A Little Worse [Lite Billigare Lite Sämre]. ALCALW is an interpretation of a piece, an event or a performance, which is then presented as a performative analysis. Over the years various performances, exhibitions, the entire Performing Arts Biennial and the Swedish Crown Princess’ wedding have been interpreted. For Spring Clean the students’ work will be presented through this format, we invite you to take part in the performance based on the week’s process!

Långholmens Folkhögskola was founded in the 1980s as a part of the Swedish workers’ movement, and is run by Stockholm’s LO-district. Originally providing education for women, it now welcomes all students, with the continued profile of promoting equality and integration. Since 2017, the school is located in Marabouparken and gives a number of different educational programs aimed to be inclusive to all students.

Teater Tribunalen was formed in 1995 by actors from Malmö Theatre Academy and stage artists from the Dramatic Institute in Stockholm. Tribunalen is a politically geared theatre that wants to uncover, criticize and judge political and economic power, and inspire to engagement and action.