23 September 2022

Leif Holmstrand – concert and book release

Release for Leif Holmstrand’s Inte världen and concert with Born Without Hands
23 September, 6–9pm

Welcome to the release of Leif Holmstrand’s book Inte världen and concert with the band Born Without Hands!

18.00–19.00 Release for Inte världen

Bound verse and seemingly free verse conjure up and obliterate existence: record of creation, armageddon. In the small. Language is presented here as physical and biological fact, but is also intended as magic. The impressions that formulate the world now formulate themselves. This is not the world.

Leif Holmstrand reads out his newly published book Inte världen, which will be available for sale in the art gallery’s shop. It will be possible to buy refreshments and snacks in our restaurant Dolks Kök.

19.30–20.30 Konsert med Born Without Hands

Friendly collagenoise with vocals performed by Samuel Martín, Maja Darkest Karlsson and Leif Holmstrand.

Free entry to both the release and the concert! The event is a collaboration with Albert Bonniers Förlag.

Warm welcome!

Leif Holmstrand
Inte världen

Albert Bonnier Förlag
Cover: Johan Melbi

Maja Darkest Karlsson
Samuel Martín
Leif Holmstrand

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