Saturday 21 April, at 2.30pm in Swedish

Sunday 22 April, at 3pm in English 

Lisa Torell
Human Population 

and site, place, space, room, environment and their social constructions:

This is a place-related interactive performance – a guided ethnographic city tour about accessibility in public space. Urban development, rights and laws of public and private space become visible through pastel and urban rubbings. The rights we have in public space are taken for granted even though the history of urban space are quite young and the rights people have are a constantly changing terrain that needs to be investigated and be cared for.


Imagine that I could look at it as if it were outside of it, but I can’t—because it is now there. Society, individuals, people move with regard to visual and spatial codes. Many still do, it works against physical or political agreement. In some places their concentration is larger, the planning better, it is as if we are more in certain places and thus have several needs to function there. Otherwise, there is no logic. It is more deeply enshrined in one generation to the next – the image of an accessible society. Paintbrush, pastel, there was something cream-like in it and maybe a smoke generator.

Above the really real”

Human Population is part of the artistic research project Potential of the Gap (2014-2018) at Norwegian Artistic Research Program.