30 November 2019


Manège (riding arena, training) is a format where artists, performers, theoreticians, riders and choreographers together engage in a multi-layered public event where questions about control, intimacy and ethics in relation to dressage, and dressaging, of horses and humans, are being investigated. Performances , lectures and an exhibition are interweaving in order to create a situation for sharing and learning through the encounter with art and discourses around the topic of dressage.

”Humans break themselves in (se dressent) like animals. They learn to hold themselves. Dressage can go a long way: as far as breathing, movements, sex. It bases itself on repetition. One breaks-in another human living being by making them repeat a certain act, a certain gesture or movement.”

”In the course of their being broken-in, animals work. Of course, they do not produce an object, be it with a machine, a technique, or with their limbs. Under the imperious direction of the breeder or the trainer, they produce their bodies, which are entered into social, which is to say human, practice. The bodies of broken-in animals have a use-value.”

Henri Lefebvre
Rhythmanalysis: Space, Time and Everyday Life. London: Continuum, 2004. 

Manège is a collaboration between Marabouparken konsthall and Stockholm University of the Arts/Department of Dance. Curated by Marie Fahlin, PhD in performative and mediated practices.

The restaurant adjacent to Marabouparken konsthall, Dolks Kök, will be serving lunch and coffee throughout the day.

Shiva Anoushirvani
Caroline Bergvall
Jeanette Bolding
Julia Bondesson
Jonna Bornemark
Cristina Caprioli
Christina Drangel
Marie Fahlin
Moa Franzén
Signe Johannessen
Anne Juren
André Lepecki
Lena Oja
Weld Company and Anna Koch
Release of Koreografisk Journal #6