13 February 2021–2 May 2021

Marie Fahlin – Centauring

The exhibition of Marie Fahlin´s artistic research project Moving through Choreography – Curating Choreography as an Artistic Practice takes the notion ofcentauring” as its starting point. It can be understood as a temporary integration of two bodies, practices, objects or fields of knowledge in the creation of a third – to us unknown – creature, phenomenon, situation, becoming or being; a centaur.

The centaur is a fantasy figure, a liminal being, but also the notion, or image, used in dressage, to describe the practise and the aesthetics of an equipage. The project has evolved from questions concerning how curating and choreography can be understood as a common artistic practise, how they are “centauring”, and how this practise operates in relation to dressage.

The relation between horses and humans within the field of dressage (equitation) builds on choreographic practises (forms, patterns, movements and the equestrian´s “aid”) and includes affect creating situations like intimacy, dominance, fear, flow and compliancy. In her project, Marie Fahlin has used objects, language and choreography emanating from dressage and equitation. Together with performers she has researched how these can be set in motion in performative actions in relation to an audience, in order to find new ways of curating the inner and external aesthetics, as well as extending the knowledge field, of dressage.

As an integrated part of the exhibition, a program will take place. Artists, choreographers, dancers, experts of dressage, together with other artistic researchers, has been invited to perform, to intervene with the exhibition and engage in conversations on the art of riding as well as the notion of artistic research, in relation to visual exposition and the field of art. Consequently the exhibition will change with time.

The project is a collaboration with Stockholm University of the Arts, Weld Company and others.

More information will follow.