• Konstkojor, 2013. Photo: Jenny Berntsson and Felice Hapetzeder

The Monster Club

The Monster Club is a weekly activity where children and young adults are welcome to join in workshops of all kinds, led by experienced art educators and artists. Open every other Sunday between 1 pm and 4 pm and school holidays. 6 years and up. 

Following the Swedish Public Health Agency’s stricter recommendations, the number of participants is further limited to 6 children at the same time and you can buy a ticket for either 13.00-14.30 or 14.30-16.00.

October, 4: Clay workshop
October, 18: Clay workshop
October, 28: Collage workshop at Hallonbergens Bibliotek, 1 pm-3 pm. Free of charge. Pre-register to: hallonbergens.bibliotek@sundbyberg.se
October, 29: Flax workshop
October, 30: Textile printing workshop
October, 31: Linoleum printing workshop
November, 1: Linoleum printing workshop
November, 15: Gauge felting workshop
Canceled: November, 29: Gauge felting workshop
Canceled: December, 13: Porcelain painting workshop
Canceled: December, 20: Classic Monster Club

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