• Konstkojor, 2013. Photo: Jenny Berntsson and Felice Hapetzeder
    Konstkojor, 2013. Photo: Jenny Berntsson and Felice Hapetzeder

The Monster Club

The Monster Club is a weekly activity where children and young adults are welcome to join in workshops of all kinds, led by experienced art educators and artists. Open every other Sunday between 1 pm and 4 pm and school holidays. 6 years and up. 


Sep 5th: Podcast workshop. 

Illustration Skulpturklubb

Sep 19th: Clay sculpture workshop. 

Illustration Skulpturdioramor

Sep 26th: Sculptural diorama workshop. 

Illustration Skulpturklubb

Oct 3rd: Clay sculpture workshop.

Illustration Tygskulptur

Oct 17th: Textile sculpture workshop.

Illustration Poddradio

Oct 24th: Podcast workshop.

Illustration Nåltovning

Oct 31st: Needle felting workshop. 

Illustration Hallonbergens bibliotek: Collage

Nov 3rd: Collage workshop. (Hallonbergen’s Library, 1-3 PM)

Illustration Trådskulptur

Nov 4th–6th: Wire sculpture workshop.

Illustration Miniatyrklubb

Nov 7th: Miniature workshop.

Illustration Virkning

Nov 14th: Crochet workshop.

Illustration Klassisk Monsterklubb

Nov 21st: Classic Monsterclub.

Illustration Precious Trash Workshop

Nov 28th: Precious Trash Workshop.

Illustration Miniatyrklubb

Dec 5th: Miniature workshop.

Illustration Tygskulptur

Dec 12th: Textile sculpture workshop.

Illustration Klassisk Monsterklubb

Dec 19th: Classic Monsterclub.

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