• Konstkojor, 2013. Photo: Jenny Berntsson and Felice Hapetzeder
    Konstkojor, 2013. Photo: Jenny Berntsson and Felice Hapetzeder

The Monster Club

On Sundays and during holidays, the art gallery’s children’s activities the Monster Club are open to children from 6 years and up. Under the guidance of experienced educators and artists, it is possible to try out different artistic methods, techniques and materials with inspiration from current exhibitions or the sculpture park in workshop form. the Monster Club also makes podcasts about art, for children, of children, under the name Monsterpodden and digital Monsterklubbar for those who do not have the opportunity to be with IRL; Monster TV. During the school holidays we offer an extra number of Monster Clubs and in the summer the Monster Club arranges an art camp in the beautiful sculpture park. Sometimes the Monster Club also makes guest appearances in other places in the form of pop-up clubs. From 6 years and up. Drop-in subject to availability. SEK 50 / occasion.


Sunday 3 September at 13.00–16.00
Make your own book
Come experiment with fun tactile materials and create your own book of abstract collages! With inspiration from Silje Figenschou Thoresen’s exhibition, we will cut and paste and play with color and texture. Monster teacher: Hannah Wiker Wikström, artist

Sunday 10 September at 13.00–16.00
Carbon and collage
We dive into the museum and the park’s surroundings from a micro and macro perspective, examine and capture different structures with charcoal, draw small and large things that we find and then cut our material together into imaginative collages! Monster teacher: Hannah Wiker Wikström, artist

Sunday 17 September at 13.00–16.00
Temporary sculptures
Welcome to participate in a sculpture experiment! With wood, yarn and found material from the local area, we improvise a joint sculpture that grows bigger and bigger during the day. Everyone also gets the opportunity to make their own small sculptures. With Silje Figenschou Thoresen’s exhibition as a source of inspiration, we explore what a temporary sculpture can be. Monster teacher: Lotta Wästerlid Zmuda-Trzebiatowski, artist and art educator

Sunday 8 October at 13.00–16.00
Monster dictionary
Throw yourself into an experiment with words and images! What does your monster look like? And how does that sound? Cut, paste, draw, paint and create an exciting monster dictionary full of babbling, roaring, whispering, laughing monsters. In this workshop we are inspired by the exhibition “herein between spaces” and investigate what can happen when text and image are put together! Morr! Roar! Beep! Whoop! Boiiing! Monster educator: Avigal Pommert, textile artist

Sunday 15 October at 13.00–16.00
Book transformation
Come and help old books with a colorful transformation! With the help of exciting artist materials and techniques, we create completely new book covers. We put our hands in the sea of words and fish out random words – and give the books brand new titles! The workshop takes place in the meeting between words and images, just like our current exhibition “herein between spaces”. Make a book happy – come today! Monster educator: Lotta Wästerlid Zmuda-Trzebiatowski, artist and art educator

Sunday 22 October at 13.00–16.00
Unknown animals
Come and turn cones and sticks, rocks and chestnuts, leaves and moss into cute and scary animals! Create horns and tails, eyes and mouths, spines and proboscis, invent sounds and write speech bubbles. Who knows, maybe you will come up with the unknown animals’ very own language? A warm welcome to invent Monster Club’s until now completely unknown animals! Monster educator: Johanna Norrbin, teacher and art educator

Sunday 29 October at 13.00–16.00
Banner rolls
How do you want your future to be? What do you want most of all? Let the world know! Create your own banner by cutting and pasting letters or designs onto large pieces of fabric! An exciting experiment where we investigate how we can translate our dreams through words and images. Monster teacher: Avigal Pommert, textile artist

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