• Image from Nonsense Translation (2018) Photo Grzegorz Fitał
    Image from Nonsense Translation (2018) Photo Grzegorz Fitał
6 November 2021

Nuggets of Nature

Performance 6 November 12noon–4pm

Leif Holmstrand will performe his new performance, Nuggets of Nature, in the park during the opening hours. Visitors are welcome to be present.


Nuggets of Nature, 2021. Collect things, trash, clothes, strings, yarn, packing material et cetera. Keep long and narrow objects, to prod with and to use as skeleton, close at hand. Build body around skeleton. But let material pass through the hanky net-costume you are wearing as well. Costume and body should sometimes slide together. Tie balls of scrap. Observe tension between outer body, cocoon-costume and the inner body via string, yarn or rope. Take advantage of skeleton-steadiness. Rotate, let things happen spirally. Let the inner body be unfamiliar to you, and try to act with all parts as independent as you can, despite that the net-costume-cover holds together and wants to unify. Leave space for improvisation and non prepared material. Be a moveable but slow multi-body-work for many hours. Leave behind a finished cultural object, if possible. Otherwise an unfinished one.