11 November 2023

Poetry in the library

11/11 2pm

We have asked the poet Peter Thörneby who Is featured in the exhibition herein between spaces to arrange a poetry event in the library in connection to the exhibition. Besides Thörneby himself the poets Beata Berggren, Martin Högström and Polly Aaro Thörneby will contribute with readings.

Beata Berggren lives in Stockholm. Her latest book is Exposé poet (Korrex press, 2018). Latest translation: Nat Raha, George Osbornes & Iain Duncan-Smiths giftermål (Epithalamion) (Chateaux, 2023).

Martin Högström also lives in Stockholm. His latest book is Prison-Palais (Eric Pésty Éditeur, 2022). Latest translation: David Lespiau, Produktionsanteckningar (Chateaux, 2023).

Polly Aaro Thörneby lives in Gothenburg and Visby, she has translated Sulpicia (“Meddelanden”, CHATEAUX nr. 8, 2020) and contributes to Cycle Press’ latest (and last) anthology Skräck och avsky that will be published later this year.

Peter Thörneby, Stockholm. Latest book: Area (Relä, 2022). Latest translation: George Oppen, Diskret serie (Lyrikvännens Lilla serien, 2021).

The readings will be in Swedish.


In collaboration with ABF Norra Stockholms län


herein between spaces