RED ALERT! A talkshow on the edge of catastrophy with Olof Olsson

June 4

Andreas T Olsson
(actor and director)
Mårten Schultz
(professor in civil law and columnist)

June 11

Horace Engdahl
(academician, researcher, author and critic)
Andrea Edwards
(actress and director)

June 18

Bengt Skogholt
(voice actor and musician)
Louise Epstein
(author and journalist)

June 25

Shanthi Rydwall-Menon
Rasmus Nielsen
(artist Superflex)

RED ALERT! A talk show on the brink of catastrophe is the title of a series of performance evenings that form part of Marabouparken’s summer programme Uppehåll, in which comedian and performance artist Olof Olsson experiments with the talk show format. The show’s title refers to the highest state of alert at the US Department of Homeland Security. In Red Alert! practically anything can happen.

The main theme of the Wednesday evenings is the interest in the voice as a subject. When we cast our vote in the general election we exercise our right as citizens – we make our voices heard. The ancient Greeks held that people’s souls were revealed in their voices, and in our time we still associate the manner in which people speak with whom we believe they are. And we are also constantly asked to play different roles: as bosses and workers, as parents and children, as teachers and students, as opinion-formers, romantics and entertainers. And in all these roles our voices change.

In RED ALERT! performance artist and comedian Olof Olsson asks: What is a voice? The specially invited guests are all, in one way or another, interested in the politics of voice. We will meet journalist Louise Epstein and comedian Shanthi Rydwall-Menon, musician Bengt Skogholt, artist Rasmus Nielsen among others. The guests will be accompanied by a sidekick, a one-man-orchestra and by the host dressed in an elegant suit, but with too short trousers. There will be a mixture of humour and seriousness in a talk show that is both better and worse than anyone can possibly imagine.

About Olof Olsson

Olof Olsson was born in Helsingborg and has lived in Copenhagen for the last 20 years. Olof Olsson works with spoken performances such as lectures, speeches, comedy, talk shows and Q&As. Having studied languages, philosophy and translation theory, he finally ended up in the art education system. After 15 years of attempting to make a go of conceptual art, Olof Olsson began working with performance art in 2007.