Release OEI # 63–64

Strata, sediment och jordkonst/land art i Sverige
– release of OEI # 63–64
Saturday march 29 at 1 pm. to 1am.

OEI magazine release party!

1pm–1.45 pm: performances by Claire Roudenko-Bertin, Carl Johan Erikson, raketa institute.

2pm–3.15 pm: Lectures by Bengt af Klintberg and Johan Redin.
3.30pm–5.45 pm: Artist talks by Gert Aspelin, Jan Håfström, Gunilla Bandolin and Gunilla Wihlborg.

6pm–8pm: Land Art film program: Gerry Schum, Nancy Holt, Lars Ahlström & Hans Anders Molin, Daniel A Swarthnas. Thanks to Groninger Museum and Electronic Arts Intermix.

8pm–1am.: Release party in Parkliv restaurant and sound installation by Johannes Heldén, performance by Håkan Jonson.

All arranged by Jonas (J) Magnusson and Cecilia Grönberg on the occasion of the release OEI # 63–64: strata, sediment, jordkonst/land art i Sverige.