In 2017 Marabouparken launched a series of ongoing Guestroom residencies, which offers collectives space in the top-level gallery to develop their work and publicly present new strands of research. The guestroom is part of the ongoing research project Acts of Self Ruin which questions how to build solidarity and equality in an age of individualism.

Guestroom Library

Within the Guestroom you will also find our Library. Here you can sit, relax, read, listen, stay a while. The different materials in this library have been gathered in collaboration with other artists, community workers, librarians and educators in Sundbyberg and Stockholm. Running through all the different shelves is the theme of solidarity and practices of collectivity, and material connected to previous and recent Guest room collaborations. Many of the books are manuals or guidebooks that offer strategies and experiences in important acts, histories and everyday struggles in and against the individualised society and its gender, race and class inequalities. Come and check out the different shelves! Most books are to be read here, but there is one shelf you can borrow from!

The Guestroom Library is organised in collaboration with Elof Hellström.

Current guests: Mapping the Unjust City / Vem äger staden?