14 December 2016–18 December 2016

Rethinking Flânerie

Nisrine Boukhari, The Map is Not the Territory, video 2015

Nisrine Boukhari, Santiago Mostyn, Johanna Steindorf

Curators: Elena Jarl & Iliane Kiefer

Rethinking Flânerie is a group exhibition at Marabouparken that presents artworks by the international artists Nisrine Boukhari, Santiago Mostyn and Johanna Steindorf, who challenge the well-known concept of the flâneur in the 21st century. The exhibition curated by Elena Jarl and Iliane Kiefer, will feature photography, films and installations, which raise questions about gender, migration, home and exile.

The figure of the flâneur which was revived in French literature in the 19th century, has until today been widely debated in various disciplines. In the 20th century, artists reused flânerie and created new strategies of walking in the city to problematize the effects of capitalism on a changing urban landscape. Even if certain historical legacies still shape the perception of the flâneur today, Nisrine Boukhari, Santiago Mostyn and Johanna Steindorf show how present manifestations may be a necessity. As contemporary wanderers, travellers and even as a flâneuse they show new strategies to process personal conflicts and social inequalities. The artworks offer different means to experience a variety of narratives, encouraging the audience to rethink flânerie today.

The exhibition at Marabouparken will be accompanied by Johanna Steindorf’s audio-walk The Strange Half-Absence of Wandering at Night starting at Marabouparken. In this audio-walk, participants accompany a female protagonist through the park and neighborhood at dusk. The walk reflects upon the female flâneur – the flâneuse – and the situation for women in public space. It mixes narrative, text excerpts, music and field recordings. The sun sets while the participant walks, bringing out other qualities of this environment.

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The event and exhibition are made possible with the support from Stockholms stad and Stockholm University and are part of the degree project within Curating Art, International Master’s Programme at Stockholm University.

Nisrine Boukhari (b.1980) is an installation and mixed media artist from Syria. Since 2014 she is working on her Ph.D. at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna. In her investigations she explores the contemporary wanderer, which entails both the physical and mental movements that influence our perception of place. Her art has been shown in various venues in Sweden including Botkyrka konsthall, Bildmuseet Umeå and HangmenProjects. She has also been presented in international venues and festivals.

Santiago Mostyn (b. 1981) is a a photographer, writer, filmmaker and performance artist from San Francisco/Trinidad based in Stockholm who makes prints, videos and books based on personal interactions with subcultural communities throughout the world. Mostyn is a graduate of Yale University and the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, and has exhibited internationally at venues including Mass MoCA, Kunst-Werke Berlin, Art Basel Miami Beach and Fotografiska, Stockholm.

Johanna Steindorf ( Johanna Steindorf (b.1982) is a German-Brazilian media artist based in Germany. She holds a Ph.D. from the Bauhaus-University in Weimar’s Media Arts department. Her research is based on the audio-walk as an artistic strategy to highlight questions of gender and migration. She is currently a teacher and research assistant at University of Cologne and has participated in various international conferences. Her work has mostly been presented in Germany and Brazil, the show at Marabouparken is her first exhibition in Sweden.

Elena Jarl & Iliane Kiefer
Elena Jarl has a background in classical music and opera and a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Sciences with the main subject Art History from Stockholm University. Iliane Kiefer studied her Bachelor in Social Sciences and Philosophy with the major subject Cultural Sciences in Leipzig, Germany. Both are pursuing the Master’s degree in Curating Art at Stockholm University. They have merged their interests in art and curating in their non-profit organisation gap-art: a platform for critical perspectives in art.