• Salih Bilic, Nawroz Zakholy, Makda Embaie, Yodit, Girmay, Neftali Cienfuegos, Rojda Sekersöz, S.T.I.C.S. at Folkoperan 2015. Photo: Cim Ek.
    Salih Bilic, Nawroz Zakholy, Makda Embaie, Yodit, Girmay, Neftali Cienfuegos, Rojda Sekersöz, S.T.I.C.S. at Folkoperan 2015. Photo: Cim Ek.
6 May 2017–27 August 2017

Revolution poetry

Revolution Poetry presents Revolution Art

Revolution Poetry is a Stockholm based cultural/art movement and spoken word platform. Since the end of 2009 they have been creating a new stage for Spoken Word, that gives space to voices of people of colour (POC) which often shares and draws inspiration from experiences of living in Stockholm’s suburbs.  Over the past 7 years they have filled small rooms, culture houses and toured Sweden, building an important movement for artists and activists who use their voice to contribute to the picture of what Swedish life is like today; and what dreams we have to change society for the better.

Their work is built on a fundamental belief in justice, in giving public space to individuals who don’t feel they have space in everyday society. After the spread and success of their work Revolution Poetry are ready to embark on a new phase of working at Marabouparken. During their research residency here they will develop a new strand of working called Revolution Art. Revolution Art offers a new avenue for artists and performers to develop cross disciplinary work that does not need to be fixed to a live event.

Over the 3 months Revolution Poetry will used their residency space at Marabouparken as a studio to share their work, hold meetings with artists, and host public events and workshops. In the residency space you can also spend time and find documentation from previous performances and browse a library of books related to post colonial politics. During their residency you are welcome to come and use their working space at Marabouparken. On a number of Wednesday evenings a member of Revolution Art will be in the space to meet you and discuss your work. Please visit Facebook to check which dates Revolution Art will be there.

Nachla Vargas Alaeb is an artist and poet. She is one of the founders of the movement, scene and platform Revolution Poetry where she is the artistic leader. Nachla has produced and directed Spoken Word shows including with Unga Klara, Dramaten, Orionteatern, Folkteatern Göteborg, Stadsteatern Malmö. She works as a Spoken Word pedagogue and arranges workshops in Spoken Word together with Revolution Poetry around Sweden. She has as Bachelor in International Relations, a Masters in Human Rights and is now studying visual art at Konstfack.

Alejandro Montero Bravo has a bachelor degree in fine arts at Konstfack and is currently studying for his Masters at Konstfack. Alejandro makes bold expressions and installations which are engaged in an artistic-political strategy of questioning supremacy, redefining western norms of aesthetics and claiming space through re-appropriating one’s culture. He is currently working on a commission for one of the new floors at Södersjukhuset in Stockholm. www.alejandromonterobravo.com 

Maryam Dinar is a photographer and art enthusiast and is currently currently studying social work at Stockholm University. Maryam performed in the play Svenska Hijabis.

This is the second in Marabouparken’s new research residencies which offers space and resources for collectives and groups to develop new strands of their practice. The residency is part of the ongoing research project ‘Acts of Self Ruin’ which questions how to build solidarity and equality in an age of individualism. Their residency also ties to the current exhibition ‘Starting from the Self’, where personal experiences are used to question the society that structures and divides us.

Workshop – Justice Through Art