Marabouparken art gallery, situated in one of Sweden’s best-preserved functionalistic parks by Bällstaån in Sundbyberg, is an art institution and a well-visited destination for the entire Stockholm area. The exhibitions present contemporary art for a local as well as an international audience. Visitors will encounter artistic practises reflecting on contemporary human conditions and introducing ideas and working methods within art today.  In addition to the exhibition program, the sculpture park and the popular restaurant offer a unique experience in a cultural-historical environment.

Marabouparken art gallery strives for long-term collaborations with organisations and companies with a profile corresponding to the art gallery’s. Sponsors and partners are offered benefits such as access to the gallery’s unique facilities, brand exposure, customer and employee engagement through workshops, guided tours or other events.

Marabouparken art gallery is a member of Syskonsthallarna, a network of smaller contemporary art institutions based in Stockholm: Botkyrka konsthall, Konsthall C and Tensta konsthall. Their aim is to exchange ideas and to organize urgent events that highlight current cultural policies.

Marabouparken art gallery is also a member of the nationwide network KLISTER, which constitutes a number of small and medium size contemporary art institutions in Sweden. KLISTER is founded in 2011 in collabration with The Swedish Exhibition Agency. Their aim is to prioritize the development and promotion of contemporary art in Sweden. During 2014 KLISTER published the report No Exceptions by author Mikael Löfgrenwho argues for the importance of small and mid-sized Swedish institutions in society and in Sweden.

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More than 40 smaller visual arts institutions from the Nordic countries form a network in order to address the question of art’s agency. The network is based on three existing associations of kunsthalles: Foreningen af Kunsthaller i Danmark; Klister in Sverige and Kunsthallene i Norge. Each of these networks has arisen out of a need to organize in order to highlight and debate the function of small and medium sized contemporary art institutions, their significance as well as their existing terms of governance.
The network report Agencies of Art was presented in 2018 at a large-scale symposium in Oslo.

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Marabouparken konsthall is Cultural Partner with Market Art Fair.

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