KLISTER is a nationwide network of small and mid-sized Swedish institutions of contemporary art, which was started in 2011.  The network seeks to convey the social function of these institutions of contemporary art. The members of KLISTER are Alingsås art gallery, Bildmuseet in Umeå, the Borås Museum of Arts, Botkyrka Konsthall, Gävle Konstcentrum, Göteborgs konsthall, Kalmar konstmuseum, Konsthall C in Hökarängen, the Art Gallery at Bohuslän museum, Haninge Konsthall, Kulturens Hus in Luleå, Lund Konsthall, Malmö Art Museum, MAN, the art museum in Skellefteå, Marabouparken art gallery in Sundbyberg, Röda Sten Konsthall in Göteborg, Signal, Center for contemporary arts in Malmö, Skövde kulturhus, Tensta konsthall and Örebro Art Gallery.

No Exceptions has been commissioned by KLISTER and is partially funded by the Swedish Exhibition Agency in line with its directive (since 2011) to prioritize the development and promotion of contemporary art in Sweden. The report will argue that galleries of contemporary art should be more included in public dialogue on art, and that this dialogue should be evaluated using methods and terminology that are capable of perceiving and articulating the true value of art. The cultural economist Pier Luigi Sacco maintains that art creates opportunities for innovation, and that deep artistic participation affects the possibilities for creating a good life financially, socially and also democratically. This applies to both individuals and local communities as a whole. This report emphasizes the crucial role that Swedish small and mid-sized institutions of contemporary art play in the complex, delicate ecosystem that Sacco illustrates.