Samtal om galleri Färg och Form

Conversation about the gallery Färg och Form

Saturday 24/8-19 at 2pm
The conversation will be held in Swedish
Entry 70 SEK (Conversation and exhibition)

During the summer Marabouparken hosts the exhibitions Jag lefver i två världar. Ester Almqvist 1869-1934 and Hilding Linnqvist, Stadseremit och Kosmopolit [City-hermit and Cosmopolitan]. Both these artists have a connection to the gallery Färg och Form [Color and Form], which was located in Stockholm and was active between the years of 1932 and 2002. Hilding Linnqvist was part of the group of artists that founded the gallery and a member of the gallery from 1934 to his death in 1984. Vera Nilsson, one of the founding artists, together with some colleagues, among them Siri Derkert and Ninnan Santesson, arranged an exhibition in 1934 with Almqvist’s work at Färg och Form. This exhibition came to be the last with Almqvist’s work while she was still alive.

With these two artists as a starting-point, Marabouparken invites you to a public conversation where art historian Erik Sandberg converses with Madeleine Odelstierna, who was in charge of Färg och Form, together with her colleague Inger Lindell, from 1980 until its closing in 2002.

I Live in Two Worlds. Ester Almqvist, 1869–1934
Hilding Linnqvist – City-hermit and Cosmopolitan