• Sarah Browne, Report to an Academy, filmstill, 2016. På uppdrag från Manual Labours. I konstnärens ägo.
    Sarah Browne, Report to an Academy, filmstill, 2016. På uppdrag från Manual Labours. I konstnärens ägo.
8 March 2017–23 April 2017

Sarah Browne, Report to an academy

Report to an Academy

Opening 8 March
Exhibition 9 March–23 April 2017

The key work in the exhibition is a film essay also titled Report to an Academy that explores an art school as a Kafkaesque, neoliberal workplace, where language is a tool of conflict. Report to an Academy is a reworking of the Kafka story of the same title. In the original story, an ape delivers an address to a gathering on his transition into human life. Within Report to an Academy the protagonist is an octopus who tells us of her motivation to escape her human form and transform herself into an octopus in the search for new forms of expression and physical agility.

Report to an Academy builds on Browne’s and her colleagues’ experience of working within a university. A series of workshops with staff and students at the Royal Institute of Art and the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design explore different ways of responding to institutional language through activities such as constructing poetry from graffiti within the art school, and materialising spaces of non-complaint through basic mouth-casting techniques. Versions of the workshop are also happening in Glasgow School of Art & University College Dublin. The workshop and film hope to articulate, share and re-imagine bodily experiences of work within institutions of knowledge production. Elements from the workshops can be found within the exhibition guide.

This is Sarah Browne’s first solo exhibition in Sweden and begins a new series of solo exhibitions within Marabouparken’s BOX gallery.  Report to an Academy is the second exhibition within Acts of Self Ruin, Marabouparken Konsthall’s long term exhibition programme dedicated to exploring the struggle for collectivity and equality in an age of individualism. With this presentation Browne explores the alienation of the workplace and the physical stresses exerted on workers’ bodies. The workshops in particular offer a way to discuss, share and connect our experiences of work. Report to an Academy was originally commissioned by Manual Labours, a research project focused on the ‘complaining body’ in the contemporary workplace in 2016.

Sarah Browne, Report to an Academy (artefacts), 2016. Foto/Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger
Sarah Browne, Report to an Academy (artefacts), 2016. Foto/Photo Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Sarah Browne is an artist based in Ireland. She is particularly concerned with how socially-engaged art projects can develop methodologies that are not solely discursive, in order to address non-verbal, bodily experiences of knowledge and justice. This primarily sculptural practice also includes writing, publishing, performance and public projects. The artist often engages in extensive collaborative methods in the production of her work.

Recent solo exhibitions include Hand to Mouth at CCA Derry~Londonderry & Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, and The Invisible Limb, basis, Frankfurt (both 2014). In 2016 with Jesse Jones she developed In the Shadow of the State, a collaborative co-commission by Artangel and Create (Ireland). This work involved close collaboration with women in the fields of law, music, material culture and midwifery, and addressed the regulation of the female body by the nation state through a series of legal workshops and performances in Derry, Liverpool, Dublin and London. In 2009 Browne co-represented Ireland at the 53rd Venice Biennale with Gareth Kennedy as Kennedy Browne – the name for their collaborative practice. Browne lectures in the Department of Sculpture and Expanded Practice at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and is currently artist-in-residence at the UCD School of Law and Social Science, Dublin.
(Headphones on the picture above created by Ciara O’Kelly, Proposal for a Mobile Studio, 2015. Safety earmuffs, conch shell, elastic band.)