The Bridge Radio School

Saturday 14 October, 12–4pm
The Bridge Radio School

In a ‘hands on’ radio workshop, The Bridge Radio will address issues of how radio can be used as a tool for social change. The workshop will explore reclaiming the right of expression and the ethical issues involved in making radio with and for minorities and marginalised groups. We will learn the important steps of radio production – basic technical set-up, production skills, research, interview techniques and presenting.

The workshop is primarily for people with experiences of migration, the asylum system and other minority or underprivileged voices. Activists working with struggles against borders and other interested members of the public are also welcome.You do not need previous experience with radio to be part of the workshop! Just an interest in making radio and a readiness to try it out!

During the workshop there will be lunch and refreshments provided. If you have a computer or a sound recorder, please bring it for the workshop. There is limited space, so send an email to register, and please let us know if you need support in covering transport costs to attend the workshop: bridgeradio0@gmail.com

Please note the workshop will be in English but we will try and accommodate other language where we can

The Bridge Radio is an independent radio project created by people with and without citizenship, who produce radio about migration, asylum and people’s movements. The radio strives to support self-organisation among people who live without citizenship and to create a wide group of reporters. While staying critical towards the dominant discourse on asylum and migration the Bridge Radio aims to share information around the current developments related to asylum and migration, striving to spread the stories of those who have experienced migration and their struggle for the freedom of movement.