Spring Clean 2018 Open Call Performances

Spring Clean 2018 Open Call Performances

Flyktinglandet (Refugee country) will make a performance by Fatima Moallim

Control of three emotions: Longing, insecurity and anxiety will determine the lines and the contours. The energy and emotions of the audience will be expressed. The energy controls the size. The feelings control the contours.

Gry Tingskog, I Object!
I Object! is an interdisciplinary performance integrating dance, sculpture and installation into a choreographed rest. The performance aims to disrupt the subject-object dualism by siding with the object. As a verb, ’object’ connotes a positioning, a resistance and a protest. This work indulges in the art object as an act of resistance, as an active positioning and agent.

I Object! departs from the exhausted body as an objection to today’s hyper-capitalist society and the conditions, bodies and subjects it entails. It reclaims a body that is burnt out, exhausted, worn out and consumed. Being subjected to their own body, is a condition understood by those not able to will themselves out of bed: those without the power to stop sleeping. These exhausted bodies are a possible feminist revolution, loudly objecting to a society that sacrifices bodies for economic profit. They revolt.

Welcome to the resting revolution.

Polar Agony Studios: Carolina Nylund
Transexotic Tourettes

A performance that in various ways investigates the concept of misunderstanding. How can pop, media and the gaze of others affect the design of one’s own representation? Identity; matter in constant motion and change is compared to a fake orgasm.

Through a compulsively constructed image collection, music and a spoken language, Polar Agony Studios guides us through the schizophrenia of the search for normality.


20–22/4 2018

Spring Clean is Marabouparken’s annual event weekend where we open up the doors of the Konsthall for a series of performances, workshops and film screenings. It is a platform for sharing work together. If you would like to present a performance piece, share a work in progress and be part of our Spring Clean Event weekend why not apply to our Spring Clean Open Call? This year we have 3 Open slots for performances between 10 – 40 minutes long.

Please send a short text of maximum 300 words including your name, contact, title and duration of performance and technical details to opencall@marabouparken.se before 1April, 5pm. For each performance there is a fee of 3000SEK. Please bear in mind we have limited technical possibilities and there is no travel budget attached so Open Call is for locally based artists.

Spring Clean Open Call will be selected by Marabouparken and Tove Salmgren from School of Dance and Circus (DOCH). Tove was part of Spring Clean’s Open Call 2017 and DOCH are an ongoing collaborator in Marabouparken’s Spring Clean. Tove Salmgren works in the field of the performing arts as an educator, dancer, choreographer and curator and has an MA from New Performing Practices at DOCH, Stockholm. Her artistic collaborations often take on a curatorial body, for example in the collaboration with The Blob/Anna Efraimsson, We happen things/Manon Santkin and Moa Franzén and together with Kajsa Wadhia, Tove leads Köttinspektionen Dans, a platform for experimental dance and choreography in Uppsala.  Her own performances can be described as a feminist and philosophical laboratory, a desire to systematically highlight and challenge the relationships we have at hand when doing, or witnessing art.