Summer, Summer


Hilding Linnqvist Human studies drawings.

11/5-9/9 2012

Summer, Summer

Hilding Linnqvist

Marabou Park Art Gallery has the pleasure to work with the Foundation Hilding Linnqvist Art administer Hilding Linn Qvist (1891-1984) large archives. It seems natural to give the archive a permanent home right here because the artist had a long and close connection to the site thanks to the many works that Marabou owners Henning Throne Holst ordered by him, including the large fresco of comedy and idyllic (1939) in Marabou old dining room.

2011, we began a series of exhibitions entitled “Exhibition in Progress” where the idea was to show the lesser known works and sketches from the archives. Many of these were certainly not meant to be exhibited, but they show interesting unexplored sides of one of the Swedish modernism people loved artists. Summer, summer is the second part of the exhibition series, and focuses on studies in various outdoor environments and the Swedish countryside. Often dated not Hilding Linnqvist his work but one can easily guess the advent of the years since he changed his signature in the 1950s. So we know that most of the watercolors, oil paintings and sketches in the exhibition are made in the latter half of the 1900s.

Hilding Linnqvist was a tireless observer of places, colors, and gestures. Tällberg and Torekov were two favorite places in Sweden that he often visited in the summers, he could experience the countryside in the idyllic countryside. Even the capital, had much to offer. Ivar Lo park was outside his residence on Bastugatan and teeming with interesting motifs. Besides flowers, trees and foliage he depicted people strolling or resting in the sun.

With an intimate and personal feeling signed Hilding Linnqvist people from everyday life. We do not know about the rich sketches were models of the larger paintings or a result of the artist’s inquisitive temperament and constant observation. It is clear that they are animated by a living curiosity, gentle humor and brotherly love. The people of Hilding Linn Qvist’s drawings are stylized, he is not individualized personalities, but he managed to get their body in expressive postures. Figures repeated as hieroglyphics on paper – signed with quick and easy drag and marked by pure and unmixed primary colors.

Marabou Park is a place where many come in the summer months to pull away from the city’s collective stress. It has beautiful flowers and lush vegetation in an authentic setting with sculpture and architecture. Many who come here lying on the grass or sitting relaxed on benches and enjoying the sun. Children splash in the pond, while their parents were pleased moment – everything is exactly as in Hilding Linn Qvist world (even the fashion has come back)! The scenes in the works is that, taken directly from the park outside.