The Bridge Radio #14: #14: Live Radio; Precarity and work

#14: Live Radio; Precarity and work

(from November 2016)

WORK AND PRECARITY: How can we be strong together?

In this programme The Bridge Radio discuss precarious work from a migration perspective. How can we use work as a way of organising and creating alliances? How have migrant workers been organising around the world?

Migrants without documents, with a permit to work or who are in the asylum system are often working under precarious and structurally difficult conditions. The workspaces have the power to change working conditions all the time, such as often making people work and not paying for it. It can be difficult to speak up about this and organise for better conditions.

The increased instrumentalisation, normalisation and use of detention and deportation of migrants is part of creating a constantly deportable part of the population, who can be exploited as cheap labour.

Starting from the experience of people who have been in various precarious work situations, we want to talk about how to organise and be strong together.