1 June 2016–30 August 2016

The Unstraight Museum

The Unstraight Museum is having a small exhibition in the parkpavilion in Marabouparken this summer. Part of The Unstraight Museum collection is on display and there will be a joint program of guided tours and other events connected to the exhibition.

The Unstraight Museum is a non-profit organisation working to draw attention to LGBTQI related questions within the museum and exhibition context. The purpose is to make non-normative and unstraight stories and history visible through cultural projects. Individuals who are ”invisible” or ”do not” exist, cannot demand any rights and will never be seen if their lives and stories are not represented. That is why representation is a key.

This is the first time the collection is put on a regular display, where it normally is only shown at The Unstraight Museums website. The collection that exists of mostly ordinary everyday objects is connected with a personal story that gives us another perspective of the meaning or representation of this objects.

Guided tours in Swedish will be available 18th of June, 16th of July and 20th of August, all at 2 pm. No charge.

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