• Stina Brockman. Exhibition photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger
    Stina Brockman. Exhibition photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger
28 May 2012–26 August 2012

Three Photographers. Three Trends

Lotta Antonsson
Yngve Baum
Stina Brockman

Three Photographers. Three Trends is a historical exhibition and publication that spans several decades and reflects the shift within photography that began in the 1960s. From having been a predominantly documentary practice the medium developed towards a more autonomous artistic approach before cementing its place within the contemporary art scene. The exhibition is a presentation of three major Swedish photographers from different generations: Yngve Baum (b. 1945), Stina Brockman (b. 1951) and Lotta Antonsson (b. 1963), and aims at highlighting the overall trends in their individual work as well as their relationship to one another.

Yngve Baum. Utställningsfoto: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

All three photographers are clearly marked by the contemporary context of the era in which they entered the scene, but that influence was mutual and their work also contributed to the formation of the larger movements that developed both in dialogue and confrontation with various parties. An important idea behind the exhibition is to allow for a juxtaposition between different perspectives and readings. What can, in one respect be described as a thematic group exhibition, can also be seen as individual presentations of three different artists. In each case, the work shown ranges from early breakthrough pieces to completely new images. Some of which are being shown here for the very first time. The selection reflects the changes that have taken place over time, as well as the continuity that characterises each artists’ work. This enables both direct comparison between the works, and the more general trends that these three photographers can be said to represent.

Lotta Antonsson. Utställningsfoto: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Curated by Niclas Östlind, Three Photographers. Three Trends is part of his extensive research project Performing History. It contains a series of exhibitions and publications created in collaboration with eight institutions. Marabouparken art gallery is delighted to be a part of this significant project that not only reflects an eventful period in the recent history of photography but also contributes to the formulation of crucial issues in photography today.