• Photo: Mikaela Krestesen
    Photo: Mikaela Krestesen
10 June 2013–19 June 2013


Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet (les gens d’Uterpan)

Topologie is a 10 day-performance that intertwine the theatrical elements of time, space and action with public space. Five dancers explore the boundaries of the stage while transforming a geographical area, in this case the entire city of Sundbyberg, to a site for a performance. les gens d’Uterpan create critical examinations of the norms that govern different art forms through perfomance but also the social conventions that regulate every-day life. Topologie is a part of the re|action project where public space is a point of departure and an arena for questioning the status of artists, the responsability of citizens and the norms and habits that form the basis of society. In the talk Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet will discuss several of the projects within re|action. Amongst them: ”Audience” carried out in Paris 2011 and ”You are a dancer” that was conceived for the Baltic Art Centre in Gotland, Sweden in 2012. ”In our work the audience is often not aware of what will happen. Sometimes the audience is provoked in different manners and sometimes it is intentionally not targeted. For les gens d’Uterpan the audience is made up by citizen, with whom we’re challenging the notion of public space.”

More about Topologie
Every day inbetween June 10–19 the dancers Anna Axiotis, Tove Brunberg, Robin Dingemans, Elias Girod and Moa Westerlund traverse the street, parks, residential areas, shops and institutions of Sundbyberg. The individual routes of the dancers is directed by the Toplogie graph a graphic figure that has been placed on the map of Sundbyberg and that cross through Marabouparken, the one-family house area Duvbo, the mall in Hallonbergen across the motorway E18 and up in the residential area Ursvik. The dancers do not wear special costumes or any other special tell tale signs that reveal their presence in the city. The choreography is decided by simple actions carried out along the way: gestures, physical and social behaviour, speed and movement annotated and repeated in exact detail every day. The graph brings together the dancers in specific places in specific spots. Only the repetition of movements in certain spots reveals the dancers.  The specifics traits of the city – environmental, social and urban become the props of the performance and the dimensions of the city determine the length of the performance. Every day the dancers probe deeper into the organisation of the city. The choreography builds up and becomes more and more complex.

Sound technician Nicolas Martz will follow the dancers during their movements through Sundbyberg to register the sounds that surround them. Their movements will be recorded and transformed into a sound track that will be broadcasted on the net and transmitted over the sound system in the restaurant at Marabouparken. The sound, the images and the information about the dancers whereabouts will be shown in the mediation point in the restaurant but also on the website of Marabouparken and on the website of les gens d’uterpan during the period June 10–19.

Photo: Mikaela Krestesen