• Wanja Djanaieff, Rand, 1969. Anna-Lena Emdén, Blomma, 1969. Photo Åke Moqvist.
    Wanja Djanaieff, Rand, 1969. Anna-Lena Emdén, Blomma, 1969. Photo Åke Moqvist.
6 June 2020–20 December 2020 Se program

Wanja Djanaieff

Wanja Djanaieff and Her Twenty-Two Favourite Colours

Curated by Cecilia Wallman and Wanja Djanaieff

This year’s big exhibition is finally opening at Marabouparken konsthall, a retrospective with Wanja Djanaieff, one of Sweden’s most influential textile designers.

Wanja Djanaieff has been Head of Design at NK Design Group, Strömma and Almedahls. Her work became known to a wider audience when she designed the clothes for the Swedish Olympic troupes in Munich in 1972. She has also worked as scenographer, costume designer and professor.

The exhibition presents sketches, clothes and the iconic patterns that came to represent the style of an entire era. During the exhibition period there is also a screening of the newly produced Filmen om Wanja by son and documentary filmmaker Niklas Djanaieff.

Apart from her contribution to design, Wanja Djanaieff has been committed to a sustainable development in the textile industry and has researched the usage of flax and handicraft techniques. It is a commitment that has contributed to the renewal of Hemslöjden [The National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies], inspired collective creation and led to increased knowledge of the importance of our cultural heritage for contemporary design.

The exhibition gives an insight into the development of Swedish design in the 1960s and 1970s whilst also being a personal story of an unusually diverse artistry.

Exhibition photos: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Thank you Designarkivet, Hemslöjden, Holma-Helsingland, Klässbols, Kulturen i Lund, Kulturens, Kungl. Husgerådskammaren, Linodlarföreningen Fransåker, NCS Colour, Slöjd Stockholm.

NCS Natural Color System

Guided tours
2000 SEK (2120 SEK incl VAT) + admission fee. The admission fee for Wanja Djanaieff is 100 SEK / pensioner 80 kr / children and youth free. Max 15 participants. For bookings contact Art Education Manager Fredrik Bergström

A brief introduction (in Swedish) to the exhibition is given free of charge on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 1pm